There are different Genres within Creative Writing, as you well know. The main genres are as follows; Drama, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Poetry.

Drama – This genre is different from the others, as this is brought to life by actors telling the story you wrote, either on the stage in a theater, or on the big screen. Drama is theater with all of its elements. It is open to interpretation more so than the two previous genres. The reason is that others can add elements to the play you wrote in the way of costumes and combining roles. Remember, if you want your play to be unaltered in some ways, make sure you note them in the script in between the cast list and the beginning of the play.

Fiction – Fiction as a genre, is anything that did not really happen nor is curently happening in the real world. This can go from comics to the most famous movies of all time. The writer creates a new world of their own, making laws for those world and making things up.

Non-Fiction – Non-fiction is exactly what it sound like it is. It is something that has really happened or is really happening. This genre requires a great deal of research, not just he-said-she-said. You need to be able to give evidence and if you don’t you won’t be believed.

Poetry – Poetry is extremely different from any of the others,


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